Reviews NY Review: ‘The Greenwich Village Follies’
Reviewed by Erik Haagensen
June 29, 2011

Innate, unforced charm is an increasingly rare commodity in our perpetually amped-up culture, but the cast and creators of “The Greenwich Village Follies” possess it in spades. Placing itself squarely in the tradition of the whip-smart musical revues once produced in Village boîtes by the likes of Julius Monk and Ben Bagley, Manhattan Theatre Source’s very first open-ended production could be in residence for a long time to come, even if right now it only plays Sunday nights. A delightful salute to the Village’s history and denizens, this refreshing breeze of a show is tuneful, literate, sassy, and sharp. It plastered an insuppressible 80-minute smile on this critic’s usual professionally impassive face. [READ FULL REVIEW]

Village Voice Immortalized In The Greenwich Village Follies
Reviewed by Michael Musto
July 11, 2011

​Run down to The Greenwich Village Follies at Manhattan Theatre Source, and when they ask the trivia question about a certain newspaper that started in 1955, yell, “The Village Voice!”  You’ll win a free condom.  You should run there anyway because the revue–a loosely structured glimpse at the Village’s history, arts, and people–is as engaging and fun as the Village itself.

Broadwayworld — The Greenwich Village Follies: Interesting People On MacDougal Street
by Michael Dale
June 30, 2011

From Jerry Herman’s Parade to Martin Charnin’s No Frills Revue to nights with Betty Comden, Adolph Green and The Revuers, the original song and sketch revue has been a favorite of downtown audiences for nearly a century.  With The Greenwich Village Follies, a new show that takes its name from a legendary production from the 1920s, composer/lyricist Doug Silver and bookwriter/lyricist Andrew Frank not only capture the smart, freestyle irreverence that made downtown revues so popular, but they use the format to offer an eighty-minute lesson on the history of America’s first haven for artists, free-thinkers and non-conformists.

The Jewish Daily Forward — Celebrating Gay Marriage at ‘The Greenwich Village Follies’
by Eileen Reynolds
June 29, 2011

There are times when a trip to the theater is more than just an evening out — times when there’s something in the air (fairy dust? a benevolent ghost?) that transforms a merely great performance into the kind that makes all your hairs stand on end. June 26, for those of us squeezed into folding chairs in a tiny brick room at the Manhattan Theatre Source, was one of those rare, goosebumpy nights.

A CurtainUp Review — The Greenwich Village Follies
by Paulanne Simmons
June 30, 2011

New York City has many legendary neighborhood. But there is none quite as colorful as Greenwich Village. The Greenwich Village Follies celebrates the city’s most beloved neighborhood in song (music and lyrics by Doug Silver) and story (book and lyrics by Andrew Frank). And it does so with great enthusiasm and style.

Theatre is Easy — The Greenwich Village Follies
by Eleanor Bader
June 30, 2011

BOTTOM LINE: An entertaining and fun look at 400 years of Greenwich Village history in 80 minutes of song, dance, and comedy. Ever wonder why the cobblestone streets in New York City’s Greenwich Village are so full of twists and turns — and so different from the rest of the island?


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